You can get your 8600GT including 8XXX-9XXX series video card working using one of following methods in Snow Leopard.
➊ - Patch DSDT with the video
➋ - Add device (EFI) string to
➌ - Chameleon's current auto injection of video / network works if your hardware is identified on PCIroot0 (you can check this in IORegistryExplorer). If your hardware is on PCIroot1 then you might have to use Netkas' PC EFI v10.n. Add GraphicsEnabler=Yes to your for Chameleon 2.0-rc3 to inject the device properties.

➍.- After upgarding to 10.6.2, it sometimes did not work EFI String.

- remove nVidia kexts then install 10.6.1 nVidia kexts.

- or remove EFI String in and Add GraphicsEnabler=Yes to your then add your device-id in Geforce.kext, NVD*

- 10.6.1 NVDAResman.kext (6.0.6) and NVDANV50Hal.kext (6.0.6) in here. installing them in the /Extra/Extensions folder, with a properly configured boot cache will solve the issue. There is no need to install the kexts in /System/Library/Extensions, as the /Extra/Extensions folder will work.

- several 9800 Gt 1024 MB or 512 MB works just fine in 10.6.2 with ATY_init.kext enabler.

* Leopard 10.5.6 이상인 경우에는 위 과정 생략하고 아래과정부터 진행하세요.


Following is one of them for EFI string to

1. Start OSx86 Tools then click Add EFI Strings/Boot Flag

2. Click GFX String

3. Click Choose.

4. Select your Graphic Card




8. Copy and Paste com.boot.Apple.plist file from /Darwin to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/