First of all, thanks Superhai,

Followings is his posting.

  1. DTrace
    dtrace_dof_mode - Set DTrace DOF modes {0/1/2/3}
    DisableFBT - Disable FBT {1}
    IgnoreFBTBlacklist - Ignore blacklist of certain critical modules {1}
  2. BSD
    -b - Don't run /etc/rc.boot
    -l - Log leaks
    srv - Boot as server {1}
    ncl - Number of clusters
    nbuf - Number of buffers for bsd
    kmem - Kernel memory access {1}
    trace - Kernel trace buffer size
    msgbuf - Message Buffer
    rp - Root path
    mcache_flags - Memory cache flags
    mbuf_debug - MBuf Debug {1}
    initmcl - Init mbuf clusters
    socket_debug - Socket debug (net)
    net_affinity - Net Affinity (net)
    rte_debug - Route debug (net) {flags}
    -rwroot_hack - Mount root read/write
  3. IOKit
    mseg - Max segment
    dart - Remove mapper present
    io - IO Kit Debug
  4. Mach
    keepsyms - Do not unload KLD/Address-symbol translation {1}
    debug - Kernel debug {flags}
    nvram_paniclog - commit paniclog to NVRAM {1}
    pmsafe_debug - Put CPUs into "safe" power mode {1}
    preempt - Set default preemption rate
    unsafe - Max unsafe quanta
    poll - Max poll quanta
    yield - Schedule poll yield shift
    idlehalt - Halt idle thread to allow cpu into lowpower mode {1}
    panic_io_port - In a panic read from this I/O port {0x0 to 0xffff}
    _fpu - Limit boot-time cpu features {387/mmx/sse}
    diag - Diagnostic output
    serial - Serial diagnostic console
    maxmem - Maximum memory to use
    cpus -Numbers of cpus
    himemory_mode - Set memorymode for over 4GB {0 - All pages available/1- disable high mem/2 - prefer high mem}
    immediate_NMI - Force immediate NMI debugger {1}
    -legacy - Force legacy 32bit mode
    lcks - Lock statistics
    novmx - No altivec emulation in Rosetta {1}
    max_valid_dma_addr - Max valid DMA address
    maxbouncepool - Max bounce pool size
    maxloreserve - Max low reserve
    npvhash - Physical to virtual mapping hash
    wpkernel - Write protect kernel {1}
    -no_shared_cr3 - Disable shared kernel address space for 64 bit users
    -pmap_trace - Enable kernel traces for pmap
    _panicd_ip - IP of panic server
    _router_ip - IP of router
    panicd_port - Port of panic server
    -zc - Free zone element checking
    mtxspin - Mutex spin (ppc)
    vmmforce - VMM force (ppc)
    fn - Force nap (ppc) (acpi) {0/1/2}
    pmsx - Experimental power management stepper mode (ppc) {1}
    ctrc - Set tracing to specific cpu (ppc)
    tb - Non-default trace buffer size (ppc)
    wcte - Write combine timer enable (ppc)
    mcklog - Clear machine check flag (ppc)
    mcksoft - Machine check software recovery (ppc)
    ht_shift - Non-default hash table size (ppc) {1}
    zsize - Target zone size
    colors - Set VM colors
    fill - Fill pages
    serialbaud - Set serial baud rate
  5. Boot
    -v - Verbose Mode
    -x - Safe Mode
    -f - Old Safe Mode
    -F - Ignore Boot File
    -s - Single User Mode
    Graphics Mode - VESA Graphics Mode Dimensions
    Text Mode - VGA Text Mode Dimensions
    Boot Graphics - Graphics or Text Mode
    Quiet Boot - Quiet Bootmode
    MKext Cache - Mkext cache file
    Kernel Cache - Kernel Cache file
    rd - Root Device
    boot-uuid - Boot UUID
    platform - Platform Expert {ACPI}
    config - Load alternate config plist
  6. Other
    smbios - Verbose SMBIOS (AppleSMBIOS.kext) {1}
    acpi - Debug AppleACPIPlatform {1-8}
    acpi_level - ACPI Debug Level
    acpi_layer - ACPI Debug Layer
    acpi_sleep - ACPI Sleep
    nvdebug - NVDAResman debug
    nvrm - NVDAResman
    ndrv_debug_level - NDRV Debug Level (NVDAResman)
    pstep - Power Step Debug (ACPI_SMC)
    hpet - AppleHPET
There are more, which I will update it later. I will not add args which are not present in the current apple release (i.e. only vanilla). All reservations against errors and mistakes. If you find anyone please notify.


❶ "config=gfx"

- it load a config file with different gfx string, so it loads /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/gfx.plist instead of

❷ rd=disk0s3 -s -x "Graphics Mode"="800x600x32" platform=X86PC

- it can combine the flags:

❸ "rd=boot-uuid, boot-uuid = XXXXX" or "boot-uuid - XXXXX"

- Define Hard Disk

❹ "busratio=20"

- yea, it used i7 cpu in 10.5.6. after upgrading to 10.5.7, it does not need.

❺ "acpi_level=2 acpi_layer=0x80"

- Not sure, it will work.