1. Lizard

Advanced edition

Manage chameleon boot parameters and smbios informations with Lizard’s UI

Simple ISO Creator

Build Your custom ISO with a simple files drag’n’drop


Lizard brings a full informative help for all parameters and some others usefull features...
Preview on Youtube

Thanks sonotone for Guide.


- com.apple.Boot.plist interface

- smbios.plist interface (the app follow your custom smbios.plist path if needed)

- Chameleon version Check

- Save parameters without modifying permissions access

- Themes management (read the excellent Blackosx's post about themes here: http:/ / forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php/topic,388.0.htmlact=post&do=new_post&f=157)

- Intuitive edition (disable incompatible fields...etc)

- Bootlable ISO creator ( drag'n'drop, the app analyze your files and import settings into the ISO)

- Detailled Help files

You can also:

- Specify if you want to work with /Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist or /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist (for RAID users)

- Indicate to the app where is your Extra folder

- backup files

* Yea, it still in Beta stage, so you can encounter bugs in here.

* EFI Partition still don't support, probably people who are using "efi" partition love terminal.

2. BootCDMaker

First of all, Thanks Trauma for guide.

BootCDMaker is simple utility to rapidly create Chameleon BootCD. This application use a mix of bash & osascript (AppleScript).

Using BootCDMaker is really easy and simple:

2-1. Grab your Mkext / smbios.plist / DSDT.aml / mach_kernel and drop them in "BootCD Contents" folder. (be sure to respect standard file syntax)
2-2. If you don't add you com.apple.boot.plist to "Extra Contents" it will be generated automatically.
2-3. BootCDMaker features :

- Automatic NVIDIA graphics injection
- Ethernet built-in injection
- EHCIacquire (USB2) fix
- UHCIreset (USB1.1) fix
- Skip the SSDT tables while relocating the DSDT table
- Use the legacy grey apple logo
- Custom kernel flags edition
- Custom device-properties edition
- Legacy mode : this will create an old fashioned boot cd, known as BOOT-132 CD, but powered by the latest release of chameleon. This should fix BIOS incompatibility with chameleon built in Eltorito loader.
- Mkext creation utility
- ISO Burning utility

2-6. BootCDMaker will automatically backup the previous BootCD.iso build to the "Desktop/BootCDMaker-Out/Previous-BootCD" folder.

What mode should you use :

Default : if you have a recent computer you should try this.
Legacy : if Default is not loading (hang at boot) try this.

Version history :

- "0.7" include the latest build of chameleon's cdboot (r658)

- "0.8" Added support for automatic custom kernel loading. Simply drop your kernel with other files. The kernel file must be named "mach_kernel" in order to be included automaticly in the boot.plist file. If not you will have to edit the plist yourself.

- "1" Added Legacy / Default options, selection of GraphicsEnabler and EthernetBultIn options et original ArtWorks. Also some code cleaning and optimizing.

- "1.1" Added Erase/Burning features, more chameleon options, code refactoring & optimizations, GUI enhancements. BootCDMaker is now fully compatible with 10.5 & 10.6. tongue.gif

- "1.1f" Added choice to Burn or Erase & Burn. Previous version was always erasing and then burning...

- "1.2" The app now supports spaces in path, BootCDMaker should now run from mostly everywhere. Added plist correction in case you remove DSDT, Kernel or smbios.plist from "Extra Contents" but leave the boot.plist. Added device-propeties edition and an options to remove chameleon GUI. Removing chameleon GUI should fix EBIOS errors for everyone, i hope wink.gif

- "1.5" Now with COCOA GUI and a lot more options, bootloader updated to PCEFI v10.3.

- "1.6" EBIOS errors fixed, Disable CHameleon GUI has been removed. ISO should works fine from all type of media now. (Thanks to iNDi)

- "1.6.1" Fixed a bug who was preventing GraphicsEnabler to work properly, thx to stellarolla who has noticed that bug. BootCDMaker will also check if you've made a bad configuration to prevent GraphicsEnabler and or EthernetBuiltin injection to fail. I've also improved the legacy ISO part, no more EBIOS errors in this mode too. And now every features of the software should work fine with spaces in paths names.

Enjoy this little piece of software