As far as i know, underattacker (boostedboogie on this forum i think) managed to get OSX running on his 2133.

he mentioned using essentially the same tutorial as he did with an EEE pc to get it running, but didn't detail any tutorial.

that being said, i think he did manage to get wifi and sound working, but was stuck with VESA drivers because there is no driver for the VIA graphics card.

i think it might break the webcam and card reader too, but don't quote me on that.

I personally never got past the iDeneb boot screen and gave up after a while.

I believe it is possible to get OSX on the 2133 with some shoe-horning.

I'm just now sure if anyone else has done it or whether the process is worth the trouble to have been detailed out online.

try for his blog posts on getting OSX on the 2133. another point of reference is the OQO2 forum where they managed to get OSX running on essentially the same hard.
ware (Via 1.2ghz chrome9 graphics) as the 2133. Both these methods still limit the laptop to non-native VESA resolution.